Natural hair-strokes are created to achieve a full, symmetrical brow.

Blade N Shade.PNG

Microblading with soft shading from mid brow to tail to give brows a full symmetrical look that will match your natural density.

Combo Brows

The best of both worlds! Fluffy microbladed fronts with soft powdery mid brow to tails. This brow looks great with or without makeup.

Soft ombre.PNG
Powder Brows

Soft powdery pixels are created to give your brow a full symmetrical look. This procedure is excellent for clients with oily skin.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Lee

I'm obsessed with creating brows!


In 2018, I began my journey as a microblading artist. I instantly fell in love with the feeling I get every time I help someone with their brows. In the past three years as an artist I have trained with some of the top educators and master artists in the US. I firmly believe that in order to become the best, you have to train with the best. I am committed to continued education to bring my clients the very best techniques and advancements in microblading. I specialize in creating natural eyebrows using facial mapping and matching your natural stroke pattern.

I have been married to my wonderful and supportive husband for 16 years and have two beautiful children. We enjoy sports and traveling when we get the opportunity. We also have an adorable Yorkie named Coco.

I love to connect with people who are interested in brows, honestly I could talk brows all day long! Please reach out to me, I would love to answer any questions you may have!


Stephanie Lee


Let me help with your brows!

Finally having brows is life changing! I don't know why I waited so long.

Lisa C.